Self Care and Mindfulness

This is an important time for change set against a backdrop of many unknowns. Do you allow yourself time to rest? Do you make the time to take care of yourself? 
Do you know that you are worthy? That you're enough?
I've definitely found myself not letting myself fully relax. When I'm in bed, I catch myself scrolling through social media feeds or poring over news articles for much longer than I'd like to admit. It's challenging when information is so instant and so many things are happening worldwide. I want to stay informed and keep expanding my mind, keep up with my community, keep being inspired...
But the world will be okay for ten or fifteen minutes while I close my eyes. I can be mindful and still making a difference in the world. We all deserve to recharge ourselves, to allow ourselves that solace.
Have you been mindful this week? If not, no worries. There's always time. Just start right now. Give yourself permission for self care.

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